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A Circle of Pumpkin Rolls by ijustdiedinside
July 22, 2009, 3:32 am
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I can’t believe it took me this long to do this! Not that I usually have extra pumpkin filling laying around, but I felt pretty inspired when I decided to roll it up inside of some pop n fresh crescent roll dough! I just took the whole rectangle of dough and, instead of separating them into triangles, I spread the pumpkin filling on it and rolled it up and then sliced it into little cinnamon roll type shapes.
oh! and I should mention, the pumpkin pie filling was leftover from something I made for my vegan Harry Potter Blog, Dumbledore’s Vegan Army, which I will post soon!

Here they are before baking:

They baked for about 10 minutes and when they came out I covered them with some powdered sugar/soy milk glaze, which is why they look a little shiny and weird, but they were super gooey and really good for breakfast.

❤ the GT Xpress like this for a hot summer morning when you want baked goods, but dread turning on the oven.


It’s the simple, circular things… by ijustdiedinside
May 1, 2009, 5:15 pm
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that make life worth living. In this case there are two circular things that make life worth living. The first being that little, precious round of Mature White Cheddar Cheezly. It’s salty and tangy and crumbly and oh so cheddar-y. I just love it! The second is the round kaiser roll that I split open and filled with Cheezly and tomato – the best combo ever!

I almost pulled out the Foreman Grill for this sandwich. It’s an obvious choice for a grilled cheese, but our foreman is really small and I’ve burned myself trying to press it closed before, so I went for the GT Xpress and used the round pan insert. I would have had to cut the sandwich in half to do this in the old semicircular only model.

Even though this isn’t any sort of cooking creation and could have been made just as easily in a pan, a toaster oven or a George Foreman, I was really glad I chose the xpress.  I didn’t have to put any Earth Balance in the pan or worry about crumbs falling into the depths of my toaster oven (not that I have a toaster oven).  It worked out great and while the cheezly didn’t get super melty, it got nice and soft while the bread got nice and crunchy.  

This was a perfect breakfast! The only problem is that I want another one for lunch.  

Black Bean Minis by ijustdiedinside
April 2, 2009, 7:01 pm
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I’ve been trying to figure out how to use the mini muffin pan that came with the new GT Xpress.   I guess I could have just made muffins, but I like to mix it up.  

 This pan is so cute, I want to make many things in it.  I was thinking falafel, but I actually don’t really like falafel, so I decided on black bean burgers.  I used the burger recipe from the Candle Cafe cookbook that Maureen gave me for xmas.  

What I really like about these pan inserts, even though they are pretty flimsy feeling, is that nothing sticks to them.  In the OLD gt xpress I had to spray a ton of oil and then pry whatever I cooked out very gingerly, so as not to disturb the semicircular shape.  With these removeable pans I just pop out the pan and flip it over onto a plate or cutting board.  SET IT AND FORGET IT!

 So, using my cookie scoop I plopped some black bean batter (gross sounding alliteration), into the little muffin wells and SET IT AND FORGOT IT!   I couldn’t ACTUALLY forget it though, because the built-in timer makes this really loud ticking sound.   

I cooked the burgers for about 12 minutes and they came out great!   They are really hearty and aren’t mushy or fall apart-y at all. 


 I ate them falafel style in a whole wheat pita with a big blob of guacamole.   Pretty terrific lunch!

Pancakes Get Circular by ijustdiedinside
February 28, 2009, 5:54 pm
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Yes, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Semicircular Vegan goes FULL CIRCLE!
This morning was a pancake morning and what better way to break in the new Redi Set Go cooker full circle pan!

made The PPK banana walnut pancakes recipe and used about half a cup of batter per pancake.  This made for some huge pancakes, so we shared each pancake as they came out of the cooker.   I think using the cooker may have actually been a little slower than making pancakes on the stove as they cooked for about 8 minutes each, but I didn’t have to stand by the stove and flip and I used a lot less oil than I would have cooking on a griddle or frying pan on the stove.


Here’s one just starting to brown:


















And here it is all ready to eat with some Soyatoo that I had forgotten I had.

zomg! heart burgers! by ijustdiedinside
February 19, 2009, 6:51 pm
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I came home the other day to find a box in the stairwell and I knew right away it was for me! My new GT Xpress (aka redi set go cooker) has arrived and with it, like, a million pan inserts. It came with the semicircle, the full circle, the muffin, the quarter circle AND the heart pan! I can’t even tell you how psyched I am to have this pan. I’ve been thinking about heart shaped muffins for days, but now that I find myself suddenly with a lot of free time (I was made redundant on Tuesday) I was hungry for lunch, not muffins.

I had leftover lentil sloppy joes (Snobby Joes from Veganomicon) and brown rice, so I thought, why not heart burgers?
I mixed the lentils and rice together and then added a few tablespoons of chickpea flour to bind it all together and plopped it all into the well oiled adorable little heart wells.

Next, using the BRAND NEW TIMER feature on the cooker, I baked these for 15 minutes and then flipped the removeable pan onto a plate and they came out perfectly!  I wasn’t expecting them to just fall out in little heart shapes, but they did.   It would have been pretty hard to get these out in the old GT Xpress with that spatula.

I ate two of these little guys in a pita with some ketchup.  Nice cheap lunch!  

Getting Circular by ijustdiedinside
February 4, 2009, 7:10 pm
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Good news, everyone! The good people who make the GT Xpress have read of my plight of being out of ideas to blog about and have graciously offered to send me their newest model of the GT Xpress called Redi-Set-Go Cooker
I’m super excited because this model comes with a FULL CIRCLE pan (crazy, i know) and a mini muffin pan and who knows what else! My friend at work already gave me a great idea for the mini muffin pan – falafel! So expect to hear more from me in the near future.

Plus, it’s red and will totally match my Kitchen Aid.
redi set go cooker

Semi Gross Chinese Leftovers by ijustdiedinside
October 31, 2008, 4:47 pm
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I am getting so burned out on cooking semicircular food.  I really feel like I’ve exhausted the options, and even though it works great, I find that the best stuff it does is baked goods, but it would be boring to just blog about muffins all the time.   I am going to look for some more infomercial products to try out and see if I mix it up with those.  I don’t want to be burned out.  I love my blog!

For now, here is something kinda nasty I made.  It tasted ok, but, there just something a little gross about blended up chinese food.

I had some yummy sauteed string beans leftover as well as some brown rice, so i blended up some firm tofu and then added the beans to the food processor right at the end just to chop them up a bit.  They ended up getting really chopped up, kinda like baby food.   I carried on though, and mixed up the green beans and tofu puree with some brown rice and plopped it all into the gt xpress.

I don’t even know what I’d call this. Leftover casserole?  It was kind of like a chinese frittata, I guess.  It ended up tasting ok, but I was not down with the texture.

I will also share some Snickerdoodles I made as a tester for Terry because they were really yummy and crunchy and ‘buttery’ and sweet and cinnamony and nutmeggy.  Good stuff!>