Semicircular Vegan

semifrittata and semiscuits by ijustdiedinside
November 30, 2007, 4:10 am
Filed under: Baked goods, Breakfast

Cathy Mitchell says: Finally, everyone can be an expert omelet maker because all you have to do is add the ingredients. There’s no turning necessary and omelets will be browned, puffy, and beautiful.

Since pretty much all of the breakfast recipes are egg based, I decided to try and replicate a typically egg recipe. The Vegan with a Vengeance frittata seemed like an ideal choice. I also felt like I wanted to add something a little on the greasy, unhealthy side to the semi-meal for added effect, so cheese biscuits it was!

The frittata is a mixture of tofu, nutritional yeast, spices, sundried tomato and spinach, and it’s majorly delicious! I made it as directed, putting about a cup of the mixture into each well of the GT Xpress and cooking for about 35 minutes. It was a little fall aparty, but was still able to hold its semicircular shape (thank god).

Here it is before cooking. I forgot to take a picture so I had to open it up after a few minutes, which explains why it looks a little bit cooked.

For the semiscuits, or biscuits to you circular folks, I made a basic biscuit recipe that my sister made on thanksgiving and added some diced Follow Your Heart Cheddar, which I’ve grown to like in the past few months (although it does smell pretty nasty when cooking).

Here they are all squished into the cooker! They baked for about 10 minutes, and came out so perfect! I’m seriously impressed. They were super flaky and perfectly browned and puffy, just like Cathy Mitchell sort of promised.

And finally, the finished product. This meal was awesome. Warm, filling and totally hit the spot on a cold-ish day.

I think this also may be a breakthrough in portion control. 2 biscuits and a cup of frittata seems like a lot less food than I would normally eat for dinner.


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I want some of your semiscits or however you spell it! Yum.

Comment by cherie

Semiscuits! Cute!

Comment by herzwesten

this is pure ridiculous brilliance. i want to eat those biscuits, and i want to see more!

Comment by michelle

What a brilliantly fun blog. I can’t wait to see what you cook up next!

Comment by Julie Hasson

wow, the GT express bakes better than our oven!

looks yummy, sis.

Comment by Shmeeps

Soon you’re gonna need two. Semi semi circular.

Comment by isachandra

This blog is amazing. Thank you for writing it!

Comment by getsconed

Wow, I think you’re going to sell me on getting one of these.

Comment by Katie

i NEED one!

Comment by esme

I’m loving this! But if I keep reading I’m afraid you might convince me to buy this thing 😛 Perhaps I’ll put it on the xmas list 🙂 Keep cookin’!

Comment by baliwhat

oh god, Paula, I am so glad I sort of know you.

Comment by foof

where can I get recipes for gtx

Comment by Blanca

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