Semicircular Vegan

Semipeño Cheeze Corndogs by ijustdiedinside
December 4, 2007, 4:29 pm
Filed under: stuffed things

After eating way too many cheeze semiscuits, I could not wait to bake more savory breads with faux cheeze inside. Inspired by a combination of recipes in the GT Xpress cookbook (including Mashed Potato Hot Dog Bake), I came up with Semipeño (or jalapeño) Cheeze Corndogs.

I used the PPK cornbread recipe and added a small can of diced jalapeños and a few slices of diced Tofutti Cheeze. Then I poured about 2/3 of a cup of batter into the GT Xpress and plopped a veggie dog in the center. I probably should have poured some batter, then put the dog in and then topped it with more batter, but this way worked out ok and I’ll know for next time, and oh yes, there will be a next time.

As these were baking it smelled strongly of ballpark/movie theater nacho cheese, which I used to think was gross when I ate real cheese, but I’ve come to like that fake cheesy-ness since going vegan. It seems like vegan cheeze is best at replicating fake, processed real cheese.

Once again, I was expecting the worst when I opened the machine after about 15 minutes. I always expect to see some horrible gooey mess, but the GT Xpress has not failed me yet, so maybe it’s time I started having a little more faith. These two half circular “nachos with a hot dog in the middle” looked perfect! Brown, crispy, firm to the touch and a toothpick in the center came out perfectly clean. It was almost like a pre-chanukkah semi-miracle.

Not only did these look great, but they tasted great too! The PPK cornbread recipe was perfect for this and the cheese and jalapenos added a lot of awesome flavor. I also had salad with it so I could at least pretend I was having a healthy dinner.

Thank god for corndogs!

This definitely gets 5 out of 5 semi-circles because I was craving another one last night and now I am going to have one for lunch.

Here’s one last shot for your semicircular viewing pleasure.


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holy crap YUMBLES! i want this right now, i’m hungry!

Comment by Shmeeps

There’s nothing this gadget can’t do!

Comment by cherie

Holy sweet mother of . . .

Comment by Epidiah

i better get one of these damn things for christmas.

Comment by esme

Cathy Mitchell is going to go vegan and I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or a band thing.

Comment by isachandra

I never thought a hot dog would look that good! Wow!

Comment by jessica~

hahaha. AWESOME. I totally just realized the name is semi circular and not secular. hahaha. I followed the trend of posts and then snapped my eyes in focus to read properly.
SO excited about reading this!!

Comment by pea

That is so fabulously trashy. You should make a vegan semi-circular baked alaska in that thing.

Comment by sockbuttons

oh. my. god. that looks incredible.

I would love to see a vegan GT express infomercial with Paula taking the place of Cathy Mitchell. but who would be her sidekick?

Comment by bunniee

OMG! Paula! You made the vegan corn dog casserole we always talked about become a reality! I am so impressed! And, it’s semicircular!

Comment by Amber

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