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Cutlet Rollups by ijustdiedinside
December 15, 2007, 7:36 pm
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One of the best (by best I mean grossest) recipes in the GT Xpress cookbook is for Asparagus and Beef Rollups. It’s just something about the word rollups and also something about a hunk of meat wrapped around a sad, mushy vegetable that makes this recipe horrible and fascinating. Here it is as written:

2 (4-ounce) thinly sliced top round sandwich steaks, pounded

2 slice swiss cheese

4 asparagus spears, trimmed

hollandaise sauce

place one piece of cheese on each piece of pounded beef. Add 2 asparagus spears to each. Roll up jellyroll fashion. Place the rolls seam side down into the wells. Cook 7 minutes until well browned. Serve with hollandaise sauce or your favorite sauce. Serves 2.

So, I took this idea and decided that chickpea cutlets from Veganomicon would be perfect. They can be rolled out pretty flat, like a piece of pounded beef (ew?) And have a great meaty texture.

The asparagus at my store was old and wilted looking, so I decided to roll up some spinach in the cutlets instead. Also, I didn’t use any cheeze. Does this even count as a veganized recipe? Sure, why not!

The cookbook also says you can make baked potatoes so I cut up some red new potatoes and coated them in a little oil, salt and pepper and put those in beside the “rollup.”

The results: These came out just OK. I would say this is my first sort of failure in the cooker. I had to cook the cutlet and the potatoes for about 35 minutes and while the potatoes were perfectly done, the cutlet did not fully cook in the center. It might have been because it sort of steamed itself in there with the spinach. The outside was nice and chewy, but the inner parts of the cutlet were mushy. I guess trying to veganize an all beef recipe just didn’t work. I feel like I need to mention here that these chickpea cutlets are an amazing recipe when pan fried or baked! This only gets 2.5 our of 5 semicircles for not really working and not really being semicircular! I feel sort of good about a recipe not working. Things were going a little too well!

“pounded” cutlet ready to roll up

rolled up, pre-cooking

in the wells with potatoes

finished product with some more Don’t Eat Off the Sidewalk gravy.


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it seemed like a good idea at the time. :p

Comment by cherie

Oh that’s too bad. I was wondering if chickpea cutlets would work in the GT Xpress. Now I know!

So far I have used mine to make a tofu & potato omelet, chocolate mini cakes, and a burrito. Nothing too exciting, but everything turned out well.

Comment by bunniee

The roll ups look good at least! I bet they would work as flat semicircles.

Comment by isachandra

I bet they would work flat, too! it was just too thick and too much moisture from the spiznach.

maybe i can do eggplant rollatinis?

Comment by ijustdiedinside

still makes a pretty picture, at least!

Comment by Shmeeps

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