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Broccoli Quiche Halfsies by ijustdiedinside
January 5, 2008, 3:05 pm
Filed under: brunch, dinner, pies

Happy New Year everyone!

I got kind of bogged down with the holidays, but I really missed blogging and cooking oddly shaped foods, so I got back into the swing of things full force with this Broccoli Quiche.

This quiche is tofu based and I sort of winged it with the crust because I didn’t have Veganomicon with me. I used 1/4 of a recipe for single crust per well and then filled each well to a little over the top with quiche filling.

The result was an ultra creamy, savoury quiche with a flakey crust. I really couldn’t have asked for anything more in a vegan quiche. When I was a kid, I LOOOVED onion quiche from a french bakery we would have brunch at. I will probably caramelize me some onions soon and make these.

The individual portion was perfect for dinner or brunch as it was intended (this is a tester recipe for a forthcoming brunch book by Isa) and is totally hand-holdable when cooled. These would be great on a picnic!

maybe in the summer I’ll make an entire semi-circular picnic. Pies, Quiches, Cakes, Sandwiches…

GT Xpress + Quiche = ❤


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Happy New Year! I made the mini quiches from Fat Free Vegan’s blog and they were really good, so this sounds excellent, esp. with carmelized onions and maybe sun-dried tomatoes. I like the idea of semi-circular picnics! You could get special plates made.

Comment by cherie

I missed your oddly shaped cooking adventures, too. welcome back!

Comment by jess

OMG that looks so good! Aside from those little ones I’ve never had a quiche. How weird is that? I need to make me some but they probably won’t taste good unless they’re semi-circular, right?

Comment by Frank

once i move i am totally going to use my GT Express. in fact, i will refuse to cook with anything else!

Comment by Shmeeps

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