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Totally healthy, semi circular by ijustdiedinside
January 15, 2008, 4:32 am
Filed under: dinner

I ate a lot of dessert and junk food this weekend, so I decided to make up for it by making some healthy and semicircular!

I knew I definitely wanted to make some sort of quinoa patty with beans, but I didn’t really know how I would hold it all together, so I went to the store and walked around and saw a bin of sweet potatoes. Quinoa, sweet potatoes and black beans sounded like an awesome combo, so I cooked up a sweet potato with onion, garlic and cumin, mashed it and mixed it up with some cooked quinoa and cumin spiced black beans and packed the mixture into the wells of the GT Xpress.

I thought this would be good, but sort of bland and mushy, but it ended up not being bland at all and had some great textures. The quinoa was still a tiny bit “al dente”, the potatoes were mushy and the beans had a tiny bit of bite to them.

I should have eaten this with a green vegetable, but I had a serious pile of laundry waiting for me, so I skipped the leafy greens today.

This ended up falling apart a bit when I took it out, but I think if I had waited 10 more minutes it would have cooled down enough to stay together.

I’m going to experiment next time with actually cooking quinoa right in the wells. I think it could work.


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Laundry and greens simply do not mix.

Comment by Epidiah

I have to let you know you are the sole reason that I bought one of these cookers at 2 in the morning last night off ebay. I’m so freakin’ excited!

Comment by Jen O

Wow! I wonder when I am going to get to be on their infomercial?

Just a note, it’s a lot easier to make junk food type stuff and leftovers. For this quinoa meal I had to cook the quinoa and sweet potatoes first and that was kind of a pain, but for corndogs and cakes and stuff it’s awesome.

Comment by ijustdiedinside

I just stumbled accross your blog, and let me tell you, I am impressed! I am also an infomercial addict (remember Amazing Discoveries?) but I’ve never had to courage to actually order something. You may have changed my mind. I’m in love with the recipes you make! Black beans, sweet potatoes and quinoa… awesome.

Comment by Samantha

that’s a real perty plate, with a real perty meal on it!

Comment by Shmeeps

I tried to explain to someone what quinoa was and I told them that it looked like the little round beads that get sewn on top of sequins. Bedazzler!

Comment by Frank

I nearly had a heart attack when I came across your blog. I have had this machine for about 2 years now and I thought I was THE only vegan to ever buy one. I am soooo super excited that I’m not. Now I don’t have to get mad when I see the infomercial on, showing how to prepare Beef roll-ups. I will sooo be trying some of your recipes and maybe inventing a few of my own!

Ty soo much!

You Rock!

Comment by LaToya

Yummy sounding combination of foods! I might have to make me something like that, but without GT!

Comment by Amber

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