Semicircular Vegan

chili corndog casseroles by ijustdiedinside
February 17, 2008, 2:10 am
Filed under: dinner, stuffed things

I just can’t bring myself to awkwardly fit “semi” into the title right now.

I know I already made a corndog thing, but it’s getting harder to come up with ideas, and also I really wanted chili and cornbread, so I made some spelt cornmeal biscuits and plopped a veggiedog and some Amy’s chili down in the middle. This was pretty perfect for the GT Xpress. It was definitely the type of meal they had in mind when making this thing: canned chili, packaged hotdogs and cornbread. Of course, I made the bread from scratch not from a mix or a pop ‘n fresh pack, but what else is a vegan supposed to do?

Here they are baking:

And here’s one all plated up. I sort of broke it when taking it out, but they actually stayed together really well .


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There was an infomercial on the TV at the gym the other day and I could NOT tear my eyes away from it.

Comment by foof

hey that sounds good! biscuits and cornbread are great in the GT.

I made a batch of block uncheese over the weekend that is just waiting to be used in chili and cornbread.

Comment by bunniee

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