Semicircular Vegan

Calzones by ijustdiedinside
March 7, 2008, 2:53 am
Filed under: dinner, stuffed things

These don’t even need a semicircular name because they are always semicircular. I felt very infomercial with this one because I used Pillsbury pizza dough. I knew I wanted a lazy dinner tonight, but this might be a little too lazy. Pillsbury pizza dough is….not good. It didn’t really taste like anything and it was just, not pizza dough. I wasn’t expecting much, but it really wasn’t worth it for the quick dinner. Next time I will use real premade pizza dough from the grocery store or local pizza place. I’m not exactly sure why I didn’t just do that tonight.

Other than that these were good! I filled them with some leftover homemade pumpkin sausage, yet another adaptation of Julie’s steamed sausages. These are so easy and amazing. I also used some tofu ricotta and a little bit of tomato sauce on the inside. The filling tasted great and these baked up really quickly. The pizza dough was not very doughy and pretty thin, so I ate two.

Overall these were good, but would have been a lot better with real pizza crust.

On a separate note, Rami really should have won Project Runway. His dresses were amazing and his clothes were really timeless and classy. I didn’t hate his colors.


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well, at least the dough looks delish! along with the rest of it of course.

and yeah, Rami’s was the best!

Comment by Shmeeps

these look really, really good. and pumpkin sausages? i’m intrigued. i’ve made the mistake of using pillsbury dough before when i was lazy and it was simply that: a mistake.

Comment by heather

These look delicious!

Re Project Runway: I have to say that I thought Chris’ clothes deserved a spot in the finale. I liked his collection better than Rami, not withstanding the hair extensions. And I was very suprirsed to see Jillian thrown out before Rami at the end.

Comment by Diane

I agree about Chris’ collection…plus Chris was my favorite person on the show. He should have won the Audience favorite award!

Comment by Eve

The “fierce” guy annoyed me. He only won cause Posh Spice liked him.

Comment by Amber

Nope, I loved Christian. I mean, the kid is so talented for being so young. Rami was nice, but enough with the draping already!

Comment by Samantha

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