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Calzones: the right way by shmeeps
May 5, 2008, 4:54 pm
Filed under: stuffed things

Hi everyone. Paula’s sister here!

After much poking and prodding (virtually, through teh intarwebs), I’m finally posting my first GT Xpress endeavor. Unfortunately, it’s not very creative, but I figured it would be ok since I used Trader Joe’s pizza dough instead of Pillsbury, so they actually tasted amazingly delicious!

First, the b-fri and I made a vegan pesto using basil, olive oil, pine nuts, garlic, and…instead of parmesan…our special ingredient… Stacy’s Sundried Tomato and Pesto pita chips!

Then we cooked up some veggies (broccoli, bell peppers, mushrooms, olives, artichoke hearts) and mixed in some mashed up vegan meatballs. This was our result:

Then, after much stretching and rolling, we fashioned the pizza dough and filling into GT Xpress shapes and cooked them up! The dough puffed up considerably in the pockets, so the machine didn’t really stay closed…meaning next time we won’t use quite so much dough. Here’s the final product, which we dipped in tomato sauce and ate with glee!


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Woo! Thanks for posting, Sis!

you have to blog more than just this once. you know that right?

I am going to try to make something extra gross in the gt xpress this week.

Comment by Paula

They look awesome. I want to calzones now! I guess I’ll have to make them the old-fashioned way, since I don’t own a fabulous kitchen gadget.

Comment by sarchan

Thanks for commenting! I bet yours will look much more authentic and be just as tasty 😉

Comment by Shmeepers

I usually don’t buy Stacy’s Pita Chips for fear that I’ll eat the entire bag at once, but using them in pesto is a stroke of genious! And your calzones look awesome.

Comment by veganhomemade

i know! i was excited that we were making pesto cause it allowed be to buy the chips, haha

Comment by Shmeepers

Whenever I come to this blog, I seriously think my boyfriend would use this machine.

Comment by stumptownvegans

I just found your blog and I cannot believe all the stuff you can make in that machine! I think I’m going to laugh for about a million years now… You are awesome!

Comment by ruby red vegan

Those look great! You didn’t add Follow Your Heart cheese did you? They almost look a little cheesy, but I think it’s just the dough. I think that would be a good addition though.
P.S. I gotta try those pita chips!

Comment by Ambie

Calzones! Genius! Am I so lame for wanting your semi circular food??

Comment by Tracy

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