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Semi-stada Bowls by ijustdiedinside
June 13, 2008, 4:32 pm
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I think Cathy Mitchell would be proud of this one.  This tostada bowl could only be made in the GT Xpress.  It’s got a layer of refried beans, a layer of fake meat crumbles and a layer of cheezy sauce mixed with salsa.  Really, all I had to do was set it and forget it!   It tasted pretty good too and the xpress made the corn tortilla nice and crispy without being fried. 

Here they are cooking.  Another nice thing about the GT Xpress is that it doesn’t generate as much heat as the stove or the oven does in these hot summer months.


I ate them with some salsa on top and and some arugula salad on the side.



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mmm. too bad the tortilla wasn’t PUFFY.

Comment by Shmeepers

Fine, I’ll buy one of your GT Expresses.

Comment by Epidiah

Lovely! And I love the Ron Popeil reference. Set it and forget it… I wonder how fast that rotisserie makes tofu skewers…

Comment by Samantha

I love how it keeps the shape of the well-thingy after you take it out. Oh cheezy sauce, I need you.

Comment by baliwhat

mmmhmm look delicious. What kind of cheezy sauce did you use?

Comment by Sarah

Sarah, it was basically the vcon cheezy sauce, but i added salsa to it and used lime juice instead of lemon juice.

Comment by Paula

Cute, and an awesome way to crisp up the tortillas without frying.

Comment by veganhomemade

u r like the only person i’ve heard of that says something good about gt xpress and i really want to buy it but it’s u against looots of other people… so do u love it? is it easy to use and does the food taste good???


Comment by ale

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