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Semi-ghetti pie by ijustdiedinside
June 29, 2008, 8:58 pm
Filed under: leftover makeovers

Leftover Makeover! Although, I didn’t do too much to make this over. I made some spaghetti with a cashew cream sauce and sauteed mushrooms earlier in the week and it was really good, but I made way too much and I’m not that into reheated pasta so I thought it might be nice to heat some up in the GT Xpress and get a crispy top like spaghetti pie I saw Giada make once on food network.

This totally worked, although I had a slight mishap. I put it in one of the wells without any oil and it stuck like crazy! so I scraped it up and put it into the other well, which I had sprayed with EVOO.

I loved the crispy parts so much! Crispy spaghetti might be my new favorite comfort food.


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I’m a HUGE fan of spaghetti pie. My mom used to make them with leftover spaghetti. So yummy…

Comment by Samantha

How did you make the spagetti crispy?


Comment by Jarreau

ijdi! this is the first time i’ve looked at your blog – it’s hysterical. and cathy mitchell is mesmerizing, so i get it. rock on 🙂

Comment by appifanie/sarah

that sounds so good!!

Comment by melanie eight

haha, I love your blog! experiment ho! it actually seems like this thing makes superior stuff with certain things… like crispy spaghetti and those all-over crunchy pumpkin muffins, yum. 😛

Comment by Liz²

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