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Semi English Bean and Potato Pasties by ijustdiedinside
August 13, 2008, 12:44 am
Filed under: dinner, pies

I really can’t think of anything better than Heinz beans, mashed potatoes and pie crust, and together they were pretty much the perfect comfort food.   Little pies are what the GT Xpress is really good at.  You know there’s no way it can get messed up.

I’ve gotten pretty good at making pie crust, so these were a cinch to whip up using the little semi circular pie shaper that comes with the GT Xpress.   You can also use it to cut out the circles for the pies.

If you’ve never had Heinz beans, I suggest you try them.  They are so yummy and go great on toast or a baked potato (jacket potato in the UK, i think) or in a little pastie!   I love the word pastie.  It just reminds me of Harry Potter eating pumpkin pasties on the train to hogwarts!

I ate these with some sauteed kale while watching Willow (probably the cutest movie ever made).  These were a perfect, hearty treat to go along with watching Val Kilmer and Warwick Davis on a grand adventure.

Oh! and I forgot I was rating things when I first started. I give these little pies 5 out of 5 semi circles because they were totally awesome.

Wait! One last thing! I posted a while ago about Cathy Mitchell making a guest appearance on the Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! Well, the clip is finally on line! Here she is with John C. Reilly!