Semicircular Vegan

corncake breakfast dogs by ijustdiedinside
September 7, 2008, 3:49 am
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What’s better than brunch?  Brunch at 11pm!   I was super lazy all day and didn’t get around to eating dinner until 11 tonight.   I also just picked up some Tofurkey breakfast sausage on sale at Whole Foods, and pancakes in the GT Xpress seemed like a good way not to have to use the stove and dirty another pan when my sink is already full.

I’ve been wanting to make a breakfast corndog for a while, and I’m super glad I finally did.   I used the Blueberry Corn Pancakes recipe from Veganomicon, but left out the blueberries.  I also used a little maple extract because I was out of vanilla.

This little contraption does pancakes really well! They always come out super fluffy, even with a sausage in the middle.   The corn pancakes recipe is one that I hadn’t made before, but I definitely will use it often because they came out great!

In other semicircular news, I just saw another blog that linked to mine, and it made me think about how I really had intended on being more snarky about the GT Xpress when I started this blog, but I really haven’t had anything come out too terribly. And while the shape of the food is kinda weird, it’s not quite as funny in person as it is on the infomercial.  Of course, the food I put into it is almost always from scratch and much healthier than the recipes they show, but over all, it’s kind of a cool little machine.  I’ll have to finally try the ‘stuffed soup’ and see if I can dredge up a little sarcasm.