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Vegan SeMoFo and Semale Pie by ijustdiedinside
October 2, 2008, 2:44 am
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It’s Vegan Month of Food, or as I will be calling it Vegan Semicircular Month of Food!  I’m really excited because I always mean to blog more, and this month the pressure is on!   Everyone in the vegan blog community (blogomunity?) is going to be blogging up a storm!  Check out the ppk blog for the blog feed.

For my first post, I made the Hot Tamale Vegetable Pie from Vegan Planet by Robin Robertson.  I used to make it a lot in college, but I had totally forgotten about it until it was mentioned again on the ppk.

I was kind of glad to make a non bread product in the this machine.  It seems like there aren’t too many food products that will hold their shape in here that don’t have a lot of flour, but this recipe is mostly just vegetables, tofu and a little cornmeal and it’s really good!

I learned a trick this time around, which is just unplugging the gt xpress (that’s the only way to turn it off) and just letting your food sit in there for a little while to set.  It really helps with getting your food out in that lovely half circle we’ve all come to love.

I ate this tamale pie with some salsa on top, but it would be even better with some guac or just avocado slices.

Happy MoFo!


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you are way more experienced in semi circular eating than i. generally around here, the only semi circular exposure i get, is cutting rounds of gluten logs in half.


Comment by kittee

haha that is so cool! looks yummy 😀

Comment by Tofufreak

Omg, your blog is hilarious. I found you through vegan mofo but now I feel the need to read your entire archives.

Comment by veganruthie



Comment by Rob

Awesome. Best idea for a blog EVER!

Comment by Amy

Delish! I love MoFo, so many blogs so many ideas!

Comment by sheree

Deliciously semicircular.

I’ll have to scope out Vegan Planet at the library. I made a few of the recipes a year or two ago and liked most of them. That tamale pie looks really good.

Comment by sarchan

This site is so cool. What a great concept. that tamale pie looks great. I have to check out vegan planet, I keep reading posts about how yummy their recipes are.

Comment by Bethany

oh wow, that looks so delicious! gotta love the broccoli mountain on the plate.

Comment by ruby red vegan

ijidi that looks great!

Comment by getsconed

Hi Paula,

This looks great! I was overwhelmed with all the recipes in Vegan Planet that I couldn’t figure out where to start. Therefore, it just sits on my shelf. Now I have somewhere to start though, thank you for sharing this.

ps. All your semi-circular food cracks me up 🙂 You sure are getting your use out of that product.

Comment by Zoey

This looks delicious.

Comment by B.A.D.

This tamale pie looks really good! I just never bought Vegan Planet because I don’t like cookbooks with tons of recipes I get overwhelmed. Maybe I’ll have to get sometime.

Comment by veganjay

I love your semicircular commitment.

Comment by bex

That sounds SO good. I should make that pie myself.

Comment by melisser

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