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Grilled Stuffed Burrito by ijustdiedinside
October 7, 2008, 6:16 pm
Filed under: dinner, stuffed things

I’m moving this month, which I’m really excited about, but as you probably know moving is kind of hell.   I really wanted to cook something awesome last night, but I had to make the apartment sparkly so they can show it tonight.   That meant that I couldn’t really do anything fancy because I already had a mountain of dishes to wash.   Thank god for the GT Xpress.  Seriously.  I didn’t have to use any pans or extra bowls or anything.

I took some canned refried beans, left over super yummy seitan from Kittee’s blog, and some Cheezly cheddar with bacon pieces (omg, this is the best thing I’ve ever tasted!) folded them all inside a whole wheat tortilla and popped it into one of the wells along with some broccoli in the other side.

I pretty much got what I was expecting from this burrito.  It was beany and seitany and cheezy (oh so cheezy) and was great with a little salsa on the side.  Plus, there was essentially no clean up!

The broccoli was also really good. It got nice and roasted and crispy.

Now back to dealing with insane New York landlords and other fun moving stuff!


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We love quick no-mess food like this! We have a cuisinart sandwich maker thingy that is a lot like this. ‘Course we mostly use it for what we have dubbed “pizza sandwiches” which are basically just bread, soy cheese, spaghetti sauce & seasonings.

Comment by kelly (vegan kid's mom!)


Good luck with crazy landlords and moving! I feel you pain…

Comment by Michelle

Moving may be hell, but toasty Cheezly burritos sound like heaven.

Comment by terryromero

Dammit, once again I want that grill.

Comment by melisser

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