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Vegan MoFo #5: Other Gadgets – Ped Egg by ijustdiedinside
October 9, 2008, 12:49 am
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Today I am going to depart from semicircular cooking to talk about another infomercial gadget.  I think I’ll do this from time to time, if I can pick up some of these crazy gadgets for cheap.

Recently my favorite infomercial has been the one for the Ped-Egg, or as my friend Stephen at work called it, the Ped-o-file!    You’ve probably seen this commercial for the weird foot file that collects all your foot shavings.  It’s pretty gross, but somehow, maybe in a dream, I got the idea that it would work just like a microplane zester and would probably be pretty convenient for catching the zest.

Here are the results (I washed the hell out of the thing before I started even though it was brand new):

The lemons are ready to be zested

And here is three lemons worth of zest.

The results:  This worked really well!  I mean, I wouldn’t go out and buy one over a microplane because the grater definitely doesn’t feel as nice or sturdy, but hey it zested well and the collection of zest was nice.  This would also be great for nutmeg, but it doesn’t hold much so it wouldn’t really work for chocolate or other things like that.


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Haha. This is pretty awesome. I’m glad someone found a better use for the Ped Egg than shaving feet!

Comment by baliwhat


Comment by melisser


Comment by evestirs

The Ped Egg! I am so happy there is someone else out there who shares my love of weird infomercial products.

Comment by veganspam

Now I want a ped egg. It’s so cute with all the zest in it!

Comment by katiejayne

A lot cuter than with shaved skin! LOL!

Comment by Terri

i can’t believe you zested a lemon with a ped egg. you are my new favorite person.

Comment by esme

Those lemons never new what smooth was until now.

Comment by terryromero

Amazing so cool.

Comment by higadgtes

This is the best blog post ever.

Comment by Susie

it’s awesome that you scoured it first, just in case.


Comment by kittee

I bought one of these too but I used it to zest my feet!

Comment by Frank

I saw this on tv. I never knew it can zest lemon. Really cool!

Comment by veganjay

i foresee zesting mania after this blog post. naught a citrus in the house will be left unzested!

Comment by Shmeepers


you so very much rule. 😀

Comment by Liz²

I saw one of these in Walgreens today & thought of you.

Comment by melisser

Oh. My. God. I’m dying.

I may have to buy another one for this purpose. Yes, another one.

Comment by Megan

this is great! i always wanted to know how this worked, but didn’t have any corns or bunions to try it out on. lemon zest makes it infinitely more useful. Peace/health/radiance.


Concourses to Radiant Health
“Not healthcare, self-care”

Comment by Cy

that’s the most clever use of an infommercial product ever!!

Comment by melanie

Can’t you make money off that idea?????

Comment by Grace

No. No. No. No. haha i am speechless right now!! words can’t describe how i feel about pedeggs. this cracks me up and grosses me out at the same time.

Comment by Joanna

THIS is exactly why I have never gotten one! A zester for my feet. Yuck!

Comment by sarahlcc

Oh egad…i totally thought of this as i was ped-egging myself the other day. and then i thought, “i will ahve to go buy another one and color code it.” write again when you think up another use for the snuggie.

Comment by yi shun

I found a knock off ped egg at the dollar store for a buck. What a great idea to use it for this and save my better egg for my feet. LOL!

Comment by Pat

i would love to subscribe to your site! Thank you

Comment by christine

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Vegan MoFo #5: Other Gadgets

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