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Robots by ijustdiedinside
October 17, 2008, 4:26 am
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I mentioned before that I am moving to a new apartment. Well, it’s in the final stages now. I’m renting a van on Monday and hauling all my stuff to my new place, lugging it up 2 flights of stairs and then probably passing out forever.   But until then, my GT Xpress and I are separated.  It’s very sad, but I can’t leave Vegan Mofo hanging,  so here is a fully circular post to fill in the gap.

I’ve also been really busy making cookies to sell at Robot Uprising, a play my friends are putting on.  It’s such an awesome show, you should come see it this weekend if you’re in New York.

The best part about making cookies for a play about robots is making up robot cookie names.

Featured here are Ginger Gigabites, Mocha Micro Chips and Mint Chocobots.  The gingers are the VwaV sparkled ginger cookies and the others are the VCon double chocolate cookies with different flavorings.

I also made Binary Balls (aka Buckeye Balls from, which are SO insanely good.  My friend John ate at least 5 of them at last week’s performance.

You can see more about last weeks cookies on Terry’s blog.


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I have never had a buckeye, but those look insanely delicious!

Comment by Virginia

I will break the 5 ball eating record!

Comment by Rob

I LOVE all the names and it all looks sooo good.
nom nom nom

Comment by Jeni Treehugger

::cue NPR lady voice::
You have no idea how awesome those balls are. So nutty, firm and round. My man, this John, loved them so much he held 5 of them in his hand before inserting them into his mouth.

Comment by terryromero

Those buckeyes look really good!

Comment by veganjay

my buckeye balls, they have gone to the other side. i need to go lock the windows…


Comment by kittee

woohoo! go buckeyes! 😀 the cookies all look great!

Comment by tofufreak

Ha! I love the robot names.

Comment by melisser

you know what’s embarrassing? a puddle of drool on your desk at work.

Comment by Shmeepers

cookies! and pass the balls

Comment by bex

I like any recipe with balls in the title.

Comment by Monique

[…] and even more deliciously the bake sale was a raging success. Humans and androids alike flip over peanut butter chocolate dipped binary balls, robotic red velvet cupcakes and chocolate dipped CPUcakes. I anticipate our vegan-nerdy baking […]

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Comment by jess

everything looks so yummy! especially the chocolate cookies, mmmmm

Comment by vegcutie

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