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Freeze Tag! by ijustdiedinside
October 23, 2008, 1:26 am
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I was tagged by Jess to share the contents of my freezer.  I’ve never been tagged before.  I feel like a real blogger now!

As you know, since I’ve been using it as an excuse for my lack of posts, I just moved.   We brought all my stuff over on Monday and even though my clothes are still in bags, my kitchen is fully unpacked and put together. In all the purging and making room for my stuff we thoroughly cleaned out the freezer.  I guess we’re better off this way because if I hadn’t cleaned you would have seen a tupperware of year old chana masala and some really old stuffed shells and like 5 pints of rice and soy ice cream with 2 bites left in them.

Here’s the door: morningstar crumbles, various frozen peas and mixed veg, cashews, seitan and a Silk container of flax seeds.

Here’s the main part: KitchenAid ice cream bowl attachment, a few sorbets and some tofutti vanilla (tofutti + rasp. sorbet is my new favorite dessert) soy curls, mini potato pancakes and a bunch of ice and alcohol of Jason’s.   I’m sure we’ll fill up the freezer more very soon.

And now, as an official blogger, I get to tag some others!
1. My sister and her new blog – Go Eve!
2. Amy – who rocks!
3. Level 20 Vegan Bard – Because I want to see more of his nerdy foodie posts!

Oh, and one more thing…in my blog stats I’ve been noticing people have been finding my blog by googling “semale” and at first I thought it was weird that people weretrying to find my semicircular tamale pie, but I’ve been getting like 5 hits a day from that search, so i googled it myself and without clicking on any links for fear of crazy porn spam, it appears that “semale” is a common misspelling of “shemale”? niiice.


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i have the same ice cream maker. our freezers share a kinship, we have other similar things too! except mine is cramped and messy =)

Comment by Virginia

oh goody, can’t wait to show off my cluttered freezer. i guess this will force me to really look into its depths…

Comment by shmeeps

yay, ijdi!

are those packaged potato pancakes or homemade?

it’s so clean….

Comment by jess

Cool! I just did this same post! Wish I had a clean freezer like yours though.
Nice blog too, I just found it!

Comment by Tofu Mom

I agree with Tofu Mom, I wish my freezer was as clean as yours. Mine is an absolute mess and I was almost a little embarassed to share it. I have the same ice cream maker. My boyfriend is a sweetheart and bought it for me for my birthday a couple of years ago. I’m still trying to perfect my non dairy ice cream so if you have a recipe I would love it!

Comment by Kelly

Jess – those are packaged potato pancakes. I don’t remember what brand

Kelly – I use the ice cream in Veganomicon as a base and then add whatever flavorings. I really like the banana ice cream recipe in vcon too.

Comment by Paula

Freshly moved and it’s looking bustling already! Yay!

I remember those flax seeds!

Comment by terryromero

I’m proud of your freezer! A parent always likes to see her child outdo her and you’ve done this here. Come home and clean my freezer. I still have the two-year-old carrot soup!

love, meem

Comment by meem

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