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Semi Gross Chinese Leftovers by ijustdiedinside
October 31, 2008, 4:47 pm
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I am getting so burned out on cooking semicircular food.  I really feel like I’ve exhausted the options, and even though it works great, I find that the best stuff it does is baked goods, but it would be boring to just blog about muffins all the time.   I am going to look for some more infomercial products to try out and see if I mix it up with those.  I don’t want to be burned out.  I love my blog!

For now, here is something kinda nasty I made.  It tasted ok, but, there just something a little gross about blended up chinese food.

I had some yummy sauteed string beans leftover as well as some brown rice, so i blended up some firm tofu and then added the beans to the food processor right at the end just to chop them up a bit.  They ended up getting really chopped up, kinda like baby food.   I carried on though, and mixed up the green beans and tofu puree with some brown rice and plopped it all into the gt xpress.

I don’t even know what I’d call this. Leftover casserole?  It was kind of like a chinese frittata, I guess.  It ended up tasting ok, but I was not down with the texture.

I will also share some Snickerdoodles I made as a tester for Terry because they were really yummy and crunchy and ‘buttery’ and sweet and cinnamony and nutmeggy.  Good stuff!>


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haha, i must say…that is the worst sounding thing you’ve made so far. the cookies totally make up for it though! nice plate too 😀

Comment by shmeeps

Those snickerdoodles were goddamn great!!!

Also, if you need ideas for semi-circular cooking ask me! I have tons!

Comment by Rob

Wow that does sound really gross! I’ve had Terry’s Snickerdoodles, though, and they are very awesome.

Comment by jimbles

Is it weird that I am not disgusted by the Chinese food? And those snickerdoodles look great!

Comment by Monique

Those cookies look super awesome!!!

Comment by veganjay

I’m so sad to hear you’ve exhausted your options….what about making semi-circular, sliceable cookies?

Comment by Squeak

Those snickerdoodles look absolutely perfect! Do they use EB, or are they margarine-free? Just curious since you mentioned “buttery”

Comment by alisamarie

hi alisa
they do use EB. I like to bake with oil mostly, but some things just have to have a little earth balance.

Comment by Paula

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