Semicircular Vegan

It’s the simple, circular things… by ijustdiedinside
May 1, 2009, 5:15 pm
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that make life worth living. In this case there are two circular things that make life worth living. The first being that little, precious round of Mature White Cheddar Cheezly. It’s salty and tangy and crumbly and oh so cheddar-y. I just love it! The second is the round kaiser roll that I split open and filled with Cheezly and tomato – the best combo ever!

I almost pulled out the Foreman Grill for this sandwich. It’s an obvious choice for a grilled cheese, but our foreman is really small and I’ve burned myself trying to press it closed before, so I went for the GT Xpress and used the round pan insert. I would have had to cut the sandwich in half to do this in the old semicircular only model.

Even though this isn’t any sort of cooking creation and could have been made just as easily in a pan, a toaster oven or a George Foreman, I was really glad I chose the xpress.  I didn’t have to put any Earth Balance in the pan or worry about crumbs falling into the depths of my toaster oven (not that I have a toaster oven).  It worked out great and while the cheezly didn’t get super melty, it got nice and soft while the bread got nice and crunchy.  

This was a perfect breakfast! The only problem is that I want another one for lunch.  


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looks good! when i get my cheezly, how do i get it to melt the best?

Comment by shmeeps

I love Cheezly! And I wish I had as many kitchen gadgets/appliances as you. Life would be so much easier.

Comment by Mo

That sounds PERFECT! Have you had Cheezly with bacon yet?

Comment by Melisser

Yes! Cheezly with Bacon is probably my favorite food on the planet!

Comment by Paula

This is killing me and my ETL-ness. Killing me!

Comment by getsconed

i’m so excited about your new GT, last time i checked your blog it was on it’s way, and now look at you–circles and hearts!! i need to start blogging about my want of vitamixes and dandies and hope for some kfishering.

Comment by kittee

Jordan told me about your blog. I didn’t know! It’s fucking rad. I totally want a semi circle cooker. I’ve been semi obsessed for months.

Comment by Jaymoh

ha, awesome! i’m glad you found it. I’m kinda out of ideas although I actually made something in it yesterday that I need to post.

Comment by ijustdiedinside

PS Do more stuff in your little semi-circular dream machine please. I really enjoy seeing what you can put in a little half-moon shape. They should pay you, because I’m totally buying one now.

Comment by Tracy

i like to search the internet for new kitchen gadgets to add to my kitchen “`-

Comment by Girls Bedroom

Just a smiling visitor here to share the love (:, btw great design and style. “Better by far you should forget and smile than that you should remember and be sad.” by Christina Georgina Rossetti.

Comment by Gregorio Amel

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