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A Circle of Pumpkin Rolls by ijustdiedinside
July 22, 2009, 3:32 am
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I can’t believe it took me this long to do this! Not that I usually have extra pumpkin filling laying around, but I felt pretty inspired when I decided to roll it up inside of some pop n fresh crescent roll dough! I just took the whole rectangle of dough and, instead of separating them into triangles, I spread the pumpkin filling on it and rolled it up and then sliced it into little cinnamon roll type shapes.
oh! and I should mention, the pumpkin pie filling was leftover from something I made for my vegan Harry Potter Blog, Dumbledore’s Vegan Army, which I will post soon!

Here they are before baking:

They baked for about 10 minutes and when they came out I covered them with some powdered sugar/soy milk glaze, which is why they look a little shiny and weird, but they were super gooey and really good for breakfast.

❤ the GT Xpress like this for a hot summer morning when you want baked goods, but dread turning on the oven.


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Wait – YOU are Louzilla? Where did that come from. And these look AMAZING.

Comment by Erica

me and louzilla are doing the HP blog together! Check out the first post. It’s by me and I’ll be posting again tomorrow, too.

Comment by ijustdiedinside

Oh MAN, that’s likely the best idea EVER.

Comment by Melisser

Duuude! I had the idea to do this a couple months ago and just haven’t gotten around to it! I will now finally get around to it because you have shamed me!

They look amazing.

Comment by jordan

I totally want one of these now. I’ve actually been obsessed by the infomercial for months.

Those look awesome.

Comment by Jaymoh

Holy crapstix that looks fantastic. Smother anything with pumpkin pie filling and I’ll love it!!!

Comment by Amanda Blog and Kiss

I just got one of these!!

Much love, but it recently fell on the tiles and broke T.T

Also, I love your blog and have read the full thing numerous times. Any plans to update?

Comment by b.a.d

I also love the GT Xpress 101. I especially love the infomercial with Cathy Mitchell. Any chance you have it? I have been searching for it and it exists nowhere. This is the infomercial with “stuffed soup”. The infomercial for the GT Xpress Ready Set Go is on YouTube….but I’m looking for the previous one for the Xpress 101.

I hope I will be able to find it!

Comment by Daniel Siddall

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