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My name is Paula. I’m from San Diego, but I now live in Queens, New York. I like to cook, play video games, watch tv, knit and go out to eat. I also love kitties.


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and you’re MY big sisty!

Comment by Eve

You don’t live in New York City, you live in Queens!

Comment by isachandra

yeah, why did I even say New York City?

Comment by ijustdiedinside

Paula…loved your recipes…you’re right…cant see becoming a vegan but I have tried some vegan recipes…you should try my mac and cheese omelet…one pack of easy mac fixed according to direction, split into the wells, cover with beaten egg and cook 7 minutes. Always spray the wells first…I do anyway. Now that I have found you I will check back.
Cathy…also from San Diego

Comment by Cathy Mitchell

Wow, Cathy Mitchell is it really you? If so, I am honored!

I don’t eat any eggs or cheese, but maybe I could do something with tofu and soy cheeze?

Comment by ijustdiedinside

Yes, really me…I just mentioned the blog on a yahoo site I belong to where people were asking questions about what the Xpress looks like….pictures here are great. Feel free to e-mail me Paula…I love your site

Comment by Cathy Mitchell

hot diggity! Cathy Mitchell…now you’re in the big leagues. Daddy loved her infomercials, too!

Comment by mom

Wow, Cathy Mitchell is also from San Diego! What a coincidence!

Comment by Amber

YeeHAW!!! I’m not a vegan and don’t own one of those contraptiions, but you have now given me hope for the future. Words can not adequately express my admiration. Rock On with your bad self!

Comment by Mullet

Love your site! It combines two of my favorite indulgences – vegan blogs and food infomercials! Do you ever watch the Magic Bullet one? The “acting” is hilarious!

Comment by Misty

Wow, you have made my night! My well-meaning mother gave me one of these contraptions (known to us as “pod-makers) and I got absolutely disgusted while flipping through the included recipe book. In a year and a half of ownership, I’ve yet to make anything besides straight-up biscuits in the thing. Thank you for all of the wonderful ideas!

Comment by Michelle

This is genius; well done.

Comment by scvegan

found your blog via the PPK and it is so great! will be back and back and back 🙂

(eight on ppk)

Comment by melanie

Just ordered this product. Went searching for more info and found your site. I’m a veggigyrl so thanks for the info.

Comment by Sharon

your site rocks. I need to cook something fun tomorrow and will pick some ideas from your collection 🙂

Comment by luke

I was reading the Vegan MOFO post on PPK, and was clicking on each of the blogs listed there…and came upon yours!! I almost fell OFF my chair, this made my whole day. My partner and I were given one of these by her aunt (I guess you get 2 for the price of one when you order from TV)!! My partner is the die-hard carniverous one, and I am the cook, so you can immagine how that goes in our house. BUT, she is utterly fascinated by Cathi Mitchell’s info-mercial, and is DYING to make something, ANYTHING, in our little “flying saucer”! The only problem is, most(well actually ALL)of the recipes on the infomercial I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. It was actually on this morning, which is why finding your blog is such a strange coincidence. I am emailing her the link to your page, and going to resurrect our “orb” out of the trunk of the car…wish us luck! Becky (kozmic blues on PPK)

Comment by Becky

best blog ever. i wonder if i can get my hands on a european version of this magical machine? it would definitely fix my “fuck, we can’t afford an ovenf or the next 6 months”-problem. in my head, i am already planning the christmas dinner with this thing..
great blog!

Comment by smoothie

If you’re tired of semi-circular I have something that may interest you. OK, it’s “circular” but may be right up your alley. Can’t find your email anywhere – please drop me a note at my email address!

Comment by Xpress Master Chef

Hello Fellow NYer
Thanks for the recipes. I have the GTXpress and and debating if I should get the redisetgo. Enjoy the weekend!!

Comment by CJ

where does cathy mitchell, the kitchen-gadget pitchwoman, hail from? i’ve heard queens, new york and san diego, but a friend thinks she’s from ohio. thanks.

Comment by phil allen

How lucky to find your great site~!!

Comment by Mickie

Hi – Rad vegan site! I’m planning to feature it on a browser bar for vegetarians. We are a group of vegan volunteers connecting people with veg resources like yours. Our goal is a world with greater compassion. It seems like we share that. If you can squeeze it into your schedule I’d love to chat. Ryan, president ( or 215-589-2437)

Comment by Ryan

Was looking through your recipes – you mention gravy from Don’t Eat Off the Sidewalk but I couldn’t find a recipe on that site. Do you have one to share?

Comment by CJ

OMG, I love you. My mom just gave me the GT Xpress machine as joke because I was so fascinated by the infomercial. Since I’m vegan, I’ve been kind of racking my brain on what I could do with it. Thanks for the inspirational ideas!

Comment by Stephanie

where are your recipes that are on the blog, btw which is wonderful. thanks, elite

Comment by elite services

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